Markit Digital Labs is a team that enhances existing capabilities, creates progressive new solutions, and fosters experimentation and innovation across Markit Digital. We recognize that innovation is as much the creation of original ideas as it is the recognition and dissemination of existing concepts and methods within our broader organization. Labs aims to inform the working methods of Markit Digital teams and to recognize creative and innovative work from those teams as it happens.


Focus Areas


Markit Digital is working on a capability that will personalize the content and layout presented to a user, based on various attributes of the user’s behavior, trading history, and research interests. For example, presenting a user only with the fundamentals and events relevant to their portfolio; creating a trail of their research and news interests, and emphasizing certain datasets or news providers; or presenting a layout and experience that’s more relevant to a retirement investor than a day trader.

Responsive Web Design

Our approach to responsive web design is more than a methodology. It is part of a larger mobile strategy and philosophy, enabling us to create rich, personalized user experiences on any device.

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Gestural Computing

Alternate user interfaces like the Leap Motion, Kinect, and Myo armband get us closer to the utopian interfaces from Minority Report and Iron Man. How do we best use these interfaces in financial applications?

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Speech Recognition & Text to Speech

We combined several different technologies and existing capabilities to make a voice-driven, human-friendly financial answer engine, and explored several applications of the resulting system.

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Data Visualization

MOD/L is working on new financial data visualizations, with the goal of improving user engagement with this complicated data and making it more accessible to a wider range of users.

Past Projects

Next-Gen Interactive Charting

Markit Digital developed a new way of charting financial data, which began rolling out in Q4 2014 to customers.

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F2 is an open and free web integration framework designed to help the financial services community develop custom web and mobile applications. Since its launch in 2012, F2 has been adopted by dozens of financial services and media outlets to accelerate and streamline development efforts. The F2 community, led by the F2 Advisory Board, continues to provide feedback, and those recommendations are shaping the F2 roadmap.

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  • Virtual Reality & Project Venetia

    19 Oct 2015

    With Virtual Reality, we have a new medium where we can paint a picture without the limitations of 2D screen — and discover new ways to understand and interact with data in the process. With the first consumer release of VR expected in the coming months, we are on the cutting edge of this fast moving technology.

  • Alphabet, The New Google. What you need to know.

    19 Aug 2015

    We put together some of the ABCs on Google’s reorganization under the name Alphabet. Plus, our take on the reorganization and how it will impact our systems.

  • Apple Watch & Design

    17 Apr 2015

    More thinking on Apple Watch and its implications for financial information.

  • FinTech, Design & Web Dev Reads Issue 12

    10 Mar 2015

    Dusting off the old Markdown editor for a new installment of fintech, design & dev reads.

  • Wearables

    07 Feb 2015

    How will your money and the markets look on a smartwatch or wearable device? *Now updated with Apple Watch!

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